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CrewLounge CONNECT is the most versatile and yet most affordable app to manage your roster and connect with your friends.

You can activate your subscription from inside the app (In-App Purchase) or through our website (order here).



Display your flight route
on Google® maps

Export your roster
to external Calendars

Discover Places to Visit in outstation
and share Crew Discounts

Check Weather and Notams
at destination

Passenger Headcount

Layover Hotel Information
Share Room Number List

Car parking
GPS position tracking

Currency Converter

FlightRadar® LIVE
flight tracking

In-flight Rest

Pickup Time

Roster Codes

Configure your own
Privacy Settings

no credit card needed

no registration needed

free support

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Cheaper than the competition
€13,49/ year

Everything in  ‘FREE TRIAL
and more :

Chat with colleagues
Automatic Chat Group per Crew

Discrete Private Chat
(hidden / locked with pin code)

Roster Share
with colleagues

Roster Share
with non-flying FRIENDS

Meet other crew in outstation
for a drink, shopping, sports

Set-up carpooling
with your crew

Find the Crew
on other flights

all taxes included

billed annually

Visit the FAQ page for any questions you may have on subscription, pricing and payment.