Key Features

CrewLounge CONNECT is not only the most user-friendly app available today, you get all these awesome features to enjoy your life in the sky:

You have full control over your privacy settings. You decide what to share, and with whom.
meet new people
Find colleagues with shared interests... or meet up with other crew members on layover for shopping, sports or more.
share with friends
Add people to your friend-zone and allow them to see your schedule.
things to do
Discover places to visit and restaurants with crew discount.
Extra Features

We provide you with tons of cool other features:

rest calculator
Start, end and number of crew. We calculate your rest.
Grab your car's location with GPS, store your hotel room number and WIFI info all on one page. Additionally, use the currency converter and 3 handy dandy wall-clocks: Local, base and UTC time.
See when, where, how long and who you have been flying with. Keep tabs on your data.
wake-up / pick-up
Time to fly home... Calculate and share the pick-up time when on layover.
Matthias Fritz
SunExpress Germany
Cabin Crew

Use the app mainly because of the calendar export. You can export your roster to any calendar (even split) and synchronize it with all devices. The app itself is updated regularly and requests from support are answered quickly and friendly. Within the app, a somewhat clearer representation of the duty plan (monthly view) would be desirable. Otherwise top!

Patrick Rohrer
Flight Crew

Great app and perfect customer support! Direct PDF import of my roster was not possible (import via “ES file manager” app was necessary!). After contacting the support team the problem was fixed within a few days. Great work!

Marco Valeri
Royal Air Manoc
Flight Crew

Hello and THANK YOU to fix our problem with the users of your app in Royal Air Maroc! Please continue your best cos we are very attached to your app! Thanks a lot for your effort and to be quick to fix problems!