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CrewLounge FRIENDS

With the CrewLounge CONNECT app, you can share your roster with colleagues, but also with friends and family!

To share your roster 1-on-1 with another crew member, both of you must use the CrewLounge CONNECT app.  The other crew member can be a colleague within the same company, or a crew member from another airline.  If desired, you can enable “secret sharing” for more discretion…

You can also share your roster with friends and family that are no flying crew.  CrewLounge FRIENDS is a free web-app for your friends-on-ground to view your roster and track your flights.  The web-app is very user-friendly and displays only relevant information (no company notes, no crew names).

CrewLounge FRIENDS is totally free and without ads !  You can invite as many friends as you like !

Share your flight schedule with your partner, your parents and your friends, that are not flying.

No app installation needed, they can follow you from any phone, tablet or desktop, any browser.
Friends and family must be registered with CrewLounge FRIENDS and must login with a password. They do not get see your official company roster. Instead, they see a simplified calendar.

You can terminate roster sharing with any friend at any time.
Your flight routes are plotted on a map.

Friends get to see the actual weather at your destination, and more information about the city and the country of your layover.
Friends can trace your flight with LIVE data (redirecting to FlightRadar24, FlightAware, etc)

Friends can select the timezone in which they get to see the calendar.
How to invite a Friend


Invite new friends straight from the Roster Share page inside the CrewLounge CONNECT app.

Your friend must not have an account with CrewLounge AERO !  Instead, your friend will be invited automatically to sign-up with CrewLounge FRIENDS.

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How to become a Friend


Do not sign-up with CrewLounge AERO, do not use the CrewLounge CONNECT app !

You cannot search contact with any aviator yourself.  Your aviator will provide you with an invitation link or QR code.

The invitation will lead you through the registration process.  Registration with CrewLounge FRIENDS is required for identification towards the aviator.  You can follow multiple aviators through a single Friends account.

CrewLounge FRIENDS is totally free !

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