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Popular Questions

Can I use CrewLounge CONNECT on multiple devices ?

Yes, you can use your favorite app on 5 devices.

You can combine any platform (iOS, Android) and any type of device (phone, tablet).  Your license purchased in one store (iTunes or Google Play) will automatically be extended to the other platform.

Can I switch from iOS to Android (or opposite) ?

Strictly legal you cannot carry-over In-App purchases from one app store to another app store, being iTunes, Google Play, BlackBerry World or Amazon.

However, since we manage all licenses through our own CrewLounge AERO cloud server, we will not charge you when you switch to another operating system.  You can continue with the current license on any new device.

Subscriptions for CrewLounge CONNECT are not auto-renewed, so you do not need to bother about terminating your subscription through the previous app store.  It will terminate all by itself and you will not be charged for any new period. When your current period runs out, you can purchase a new license in the new app store.

Can I share my purchase with my family ?

In-App Purchases cannot be shared with other devices in the family. This is an Apple iTunes / Google Policy, we do not have any control over this.

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My partner and I are both crew members

Each person must create its own user account with CrewLounge and each person must purchase its own user license for the CrewLounge CONNECT app.  You cannot share a common account or a common license.

Please do not try to bypass this policy, your attempt will corrupt your account and the flights’ database.  You don’t want the name of your partner to appear on the wrong flight or in a different airline…

Partners and friends can, however, share their roster inside the app.  Go to the MENU – Roster Share page inside the CrewLounge CONNECT app and have fun!

My family wants to view my roster

Our team is working on a lightweight CONNECT app for friends and family members, that are not crew members themselves.

Contact us for more information.

How to transfer my account from mccROSTER / Airline Roster / crewCONNECT

The new CrewLounge CONNECT app replaces all former applications, mccROSTER, Airline Roster and crewCONNECT. Your paid subscription for those applications remains valid and can be carried-over to CrewLounge CONNECT.

To transfer your account from mccROSTER or Airline Roster to CrewLounge CONNECT, contact us for assistance.  Send us a copy of your initial purchase.

Contact Us

To transfer your account from crewCONNECT to CrewLounge CONNECT, follow these steps :

  1. Free download the CrewLounge CONNECT app from the  app store
  2. Launch the CONNECT app and create a new account (you can use the same or a different email address, as you wish)
  3. Launch the old crewCONNECT app and press the “Transfer My Account” button

Why should I switch from crewCONNECT to CrewLounge CONNECT ?

CrewLounge CONNECT is the new roster app to replace crewCONNECT.  This is not just a major software update! CrewLounge CONNECT is a completely new application, with many more functions, like Chat, Carpooling, Hotel Room list sharing, etc.

After updating the app for the past 5 years, it was time to restart from scratch and rebuild the application on new fundaments.  

There are tons of new functions that come with the new app, all based on your experience, comments, and suggestions.  Your feedback proved to be very valuable to us!

See this blog entry: Why should I switch from crewCONNECT to CrewLounge CONNECT ?

In-App Purchases are not allowed/ restricted

You can subscribe to CrewLounge CONNECT either through In-App purchase (iTunes / Google Play) or straight from our website.

In-App purchases are usually not available on a work device from your company.  No worry, you can arrange your subscription through our website.

If you bounce into In-App Purchase restrictions on your own device, make sure that you have a valid credit card linked to your iTunes / Google Play account.  Continue with these solution articles :

(iOS) Restrictions preventing In-App Purchasing

(Android / Amazon / Blackberry) Problems with In-App Purchases

(Android / Amazon / Blackberry) Require a password or authentication for In-App Purchases

I forgot my password

We have your question covered on the main AERO – FAQ page .

I forgot my email address

We have your question covered on the main AERO – FAQ page .

I want to change my email address

We have your question covered on the main AERO – FAQ page .

I want to terminate my subscription

We are sorry to see you go.  If you are not satisfied with the software, please first contact CrewLounge SUPPORT and let us know what is bothering you.  Your satisfaction is most important to us! We want all customers to fully enjoy our applications and the support that comes with it.

Your subscription for CrewLounge CONNECT will automatically terminate at the end of the current 12 months period.  Subscriptions are never renewed automatically.

A refund on the current subscription period is not possible.  Kindly read the Terms & ConditionsRefund Policy for more details.

When your subscription terminates, your account with CrewLounge remains active, without any charges.  If you want to delete your account, go to my.crewlounge.center and shut down your account from there.  If you need any help, please do contact us.

Are all Taxes included in the price?

We have your question covered on the main AERO – FAQ page .

I have another question

If you have a commercial question regarding the CrewLounge Suite, contact us.

If you encounter problems with the configuration or the use of CrewLounge CONNECT, you will certainly find the answer in the SUPPORT knowledge base.  Or, take a look at the How-To Video Tutorials.