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Video Tutorials

Here are some boring tutorials to clarify the weird logic we have braid in our so called fantastic software…

Warning : do not view these tutorials while driving or flying ! There is a potential risk of falling asleep !

VT01 – Getting Started

Basic Introduction to the different Settings pages and the main functions from the dashboard.

VT02 – Download your Roster

How to setup your app to download your roster from the airline crew web portal.

VT03 – Off-line Roster Import

How to import your roster off-line.  Use this technique for airlines, where CrewLounge CONNECT does not support a direct connection to the crew web portal, or for companies that handout the flight roster via email.

VT04 – Export to Calendar

How to setup your app to export events to the external device calendar.

VT05 – Roster Share

How to invite and share your roster with colleagues.